Finding Restored Furniture For A Better Deal

Every wondered why finding antique or restored furniture is such a big deal in Britain? The obvious reason is that the island has a love affair with traditional craftsmanship and a bygotten age. The second is that wood products are a bit of an expensive luxury. The raw material typically is imported from abroad if it is new while there is enough old furniture that resale is a booming industry.

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The difference between antique and restored is that antique products are largely unchanged, often containing the original nails and varnish. They are prized for their authentic beauty but also because of the evidence of excellent care. They look as if they have been sitting in a manor for decades or even centuries and impart that charm to wherever they might be placed. The sale of well-kept antiques tends to command a price well above the original price tag.

In comparison, a restored furniture used various methods to breathe new life into an old piece of furniture in order make it attractive for auction. As furniture must be functional, nails and glue work often has to be redone if it is wobbly.  While this restoration might not differ much from the original appearance, an appraiser is quick to spot any new screws or work. Selling restored furniture as an antique might be considered fraudulent, so the markets have to be different.'A piece that has been refurbished is still worth a lot as the original craftsmanship shines through. Tacking a few nails back into place might not even be considered refurbishment, although using a host of new nails as well as erasing scratches and adding a new coat of shellac will dramatically renew the appearance. As the surface is renewed and the history of dings has been wiped away, its status as an antique has been diminished.

The flip side is that not all old furniture qualifies as a luxury product. Chairs and coffee tables that were mass produced in the past might be so common even in the present decade as to consider them common. To this end, functional stability and superficial appearance are more important, as these pieces are sold to the general public. An appraiser is unlikely to look at every minute detail, so it is better than some old wood get a makeover.

For the latest news about reused furniture for sale, visit this website. The selection is huge as well as is the price range. Obtaining a piece that is beautiful might feel as good as getting an antique. Sometimes it is hard to replicate the period feel of these old beauties.